What is National Entrepreneurship Month?
National Entrepreneurship Month is officially celebrated each November in the United States and is comprised of Global Entrepreneurship Week, National Entrepreneurs’ Day, Global Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, and other entrepreneurial activities across the country. The purpose is to not only celebrate entrepreneurs and their contributions to our society, but to inspire the next generation of innovators, risk takers, and business leaders. In November, Junior Achievement will partner with numerous organizations and businesses, to engage entrepreneurs and small business owners to inspire high school students across the country with the“JA Launch Lesson.” 

What is the JA Launch Lesson?
The JA Launch Lesson is a 50-minute educational experience built around the theme of entrepreneurship that creates a point-of-entry for students, volunteers, and educators. It is delivered locally by entrepreneurs in classrooms, after-school facilities, and other student venues around the United States during National Entrepreneurship Month. Entrepreneurs are given a one-page guide that gives them the opportunity to connect with students, provide relevant information about their company and entrepreneurial journey, and share advice and next steps for students who are interested in starting their own business.


2017 Entrepreneurship Week

Thank you to all of our 2017 Entrepreneurship Week speakers

Ann Marie Sorrell

Blake Baynham

Bobby Pickles& Matthew Piazza

Chuck Poole   

David Wantman  

Donavan Kirk 

Edward Gruvman 

Joe Russo       

John Calloway 

Judy Mercur  

Larry Orienstein      

Lyndell Thomas    

Meghan Mckenna  

Nicole Jackson  

Rick Seymour  

Samuel Edwards   

Todd Herbst   

Travis Suit      

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