JA® volunteers come from all walks of life. But they all have a common vision: sharing a message of hope and opportunity with each and every young person they reach. They are committed to the idea that as a community, we have a responsibility to ensure this generation is better prepared for success than any generation in history.

Through volunteer partnerships from organizations large and small, or individuals interested in sharing their experiences with the children of their community; JA's classrooms band together to teach the importance of workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy to inspire a generation to navigate the path to their dreams.

JA volunteers believe they can make a difference – and teach more than 25,000 students a year that they can make a difference, too. Our volunteers are what sets JA apart.


  • Show kids what's possible if they work hard, encouraging them to stay in school and achieve their dreams.
  • Be on the front line of changing current statistics regarding America’s competitiveness and financial illiteracy.
  • Experience those “ah-ha” moments when one of your students grasps a new concept.
  • Connect with your community, and learn about the challenges and successes local
    schools face.
  • Sharpen your presentation and coaching skills.
  • Represent your company and industry to students.


Company-sponsored volunteer programs have many benefits to the sponsoring company. One of the most measurable impacts employee volunteer programs (EVPs) have is on the attitudes, productivity and job satisfaction of company employees. According to the study Good Companies, Better Employees, some of the outcomes of effective EVPs include:

  • An improved rating among employees for their employer as a place to work compared to other companies (63 percent saying above average or one of the best, compared to 57 percent before the program was in place). 
  • Increased job satisfaction levels (64 percent fairly or very satisfied among all employees, compared to 62 percent before; satisfaction among volunteer program participants rose to 67 percent).
  • Increased positive word of mouth among employees about their employer (54 percent saying they would speak highly of their employer, compared to 49 percent before the program was put in place; among volunteer program participants, the rate rose to 57 percent).
  • Higher retention rates for employees who participated in volunteer activities than for those employees who did not. Additionally, employees who participated in volunteer programs appeared to be more prone to pursue promotion and development activities in the months following the participation in the volunteer programs.